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This page was last updated on September 15, 1998.
It now contains almost 1,200 different Mp3 songs!

***WOW!! We are sure eveyone is waiting for us to unveal the NEW A2Z Mp3 Songs, but unfortuantly our new server has had MAjOR problems. After the second time the server crashed, we decided to take a vaction! Fortunatly, several of you e-mailed us and we've decided to get back to work! Actually, if you are into HTML, and would like to become co-webmaster please e-mail us ASAP! We need help because this take a lot of effort. This is the chance you've been waiting for. Please help!***

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Hello, and welcome to the Mp3 archive that has all the songs and players that you want!

Inside you will find links to Mp3 downloads of the most popular songs of yesterday and today.
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These songs and downloads are just links. They are copyrighted to the webmasters of the pages they are stored on, except for the graphics and some text, which are the original work of the A2Z Mp3 Team.We're not responsible for the way you use these files. All files are intended for educational purposes. Remember to delete the songs from your hard disk in 24 hours. Plus, to keep this site up and running, please click our sponsor banners!


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